AT a glance

we believe transformation comes through the sword

(Commitment To Fulfill All Five Tasks That Christ Ordained For His Church To Accomplish) 

Mat. 22:37-40, Mat. 28:19-20.

We desire to be a culturally relevant church that fulfills the Great Commission by reaching out to the unchurched communities in the Palm Beaches. We envision our church as a Transformation Station where all are continually transformed into fully functioning followers of Christ. This transformation comes through the SWORD. (Commitment to fulfill all five tasks that Christ ordained for his church to accomplish).  Matthew 22:37-40, Matthew 28:19-20.

Service – Service is for everyone and to everyone. "Let the greatest among you be your servant." We believe that everyone should serve and faithfully participate in at least one area of ministry. (1 Corinthians 12:12-27)

Worship – We love God by worshipping him. (Matthew 4:10). This is the first purpose of the church. We celebrate God’s presence through magnifying Him and exalting his name. (Psalm. 34:3). While worship should be a continuous act, done daily in private and in public, the church does join together for corporate worship.  This is done through Sunday services, other weekly services, and by gathering for Ordinances. (Acts 2:42)

Outreach – Every Christian has a responsibility to share the Good news. Jesus commissioned us to go and tell the world the message of salvation. (Acts 1:8, 2:42-47b)

Relationships – We are not just to believe, but to belong. This takes place through baptism. Baptism identifies us with the body of Christ. Baptism is a symbol of salvation and fellowship. To provide a system of accountability and intimate fellowship at our ever-growing church, each member is assigned a leader. The leaders are expected to hold those under their care lovingly responsible for their Christian lifestyles as well as to provide a context for mutual support and encouragement (Acts 2:42-47).

Discipleship – We on a journey of growth. We are to growing in both knowledge and grace, constantly learning the truths of God and how to apply God's word in our lives. Participation in the Wednesday night “Center for Christian Growth” (or an approved alternative) is expected of each member (Acts 2:42).