our philosophy

We believe that the total process of education must seek a restoration of the pupil to a position of true knowledge, righteousness and holiness in Christ by relating the whole person to God spiritually, mentally/cognitively, socially, physically and emotionally.  All truth is God’s truth and must be integrated into every area of school life.  Such education is primarily the parent’s responsibility and OZCDC functions as an extension of the home to aid the parents in providing this education.

We believe that parents and the center should work together closely for the benefit of the child.  Early childhood is the most critical period in human growth and development, for it is the period when foundations for learning are laid. During these early years, learning experiences for children must be diverse, creative, and carefully planned based on sound principles of child development.

For more information about the Child Development Center, you can find our Parent Handbook on BrightWheel.