Job Openings

Job Openings

Job Description

Minister of Music

Purpose: The purpose of this document is to clearly outline the responsibilities of the Minister of Music to Orthodox Zion and the responsibilities of Orthodox Zion to the Minister of Music. 

Description: The Minister of Music is responsible for the music life of the church. He/She must have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ evident in their life, ministry of music, and encounters with others.  The Minister of Music will build and develop the music ministry under the Lord's guidance, and in accordance with the vision of the Pastor. He/She will also provide the music for all Church Worship services and events and will report directly to the Pastor. 


  • In consultation with the Pastor capture a vision and philosophy of utilizing music in worship that is congruent with the mission of Orthodox Zion;

  • Live a life of integrity that will not bring embarrassment to God's Kingdom or Orthodox Zion; 

  • Articulate and implement that vision and philosophy of worship with and through members who participate in worship services for the church;

  • Establish and enforce ministry of music guidelines, decorum, and etiquette;

  • Lead with love, humility, and compassion for others;

  • Serve on Church Leadership Team and assist the Pastoral Team in worship planning and direction;

  • Be punctual at Worship services, practices, and church events;

  • Lead choir and congregation in music during worship;

Be available to serve at funerals and other special services (evening services). The agreed amount of compensation is inclusive of evening services and funerals. There will not be added compensation for evening services, funerals or fellowships. The Minister of Music will be given notice as soon as the invitation is accepted and is expected to be there. In the rare case that the Minister of Music is not able to be there, he/she is responsible for providing a suitable substitute.


  • Hold weekly rehearsals with choirs and music team;

  • Work with the Pastor to recruit, interview, and hire instrumentalists for the congregation when the time arrives to add additional pieces;

  • Select and train in-house leaders for the Music Ministry;

  • Select and develop choirs that are capable of leading Orthodox Zion during Worship Service;

  • In consultation with the lead musician, monitor the condition and conduct routine maintenance of the church’s musical instruments and make written recommendations to the Pastor about needed musical upgrades and purchases; 

  • Prepare and assist in the Order of Worship;

  • Provide Oversight and Responsibility for preparedness and punctuality of choir members, musical guests, and musicians;

  • Implement a balanced and blended musical approach; providing Orthodox Zion with a worship style that includes hymns, traditional, praise and worship, seasonal, and contemporary gospel music; and

  • Meet and communicate regularly with the Pastor to monitor the music ministry.


  • Maintain accountability for the leadership of the music ministry by providing prayer support, credible feedback and mentoring (where needed) to choirs and musicians;

  • Maintain a ministry of encouragement to all who offer themselves in the music ministry;

  • Identify, encourage, and integrate members’ musical gifts into worship and special event services;

  • Teach parts and new music to choir so their music remains fresh;

  • Select repertoire for all choirs and the selection of instrumental music for worship services and special church events; and

  • Prepare and participate in music for special services, i.e. Youth Day, Advent, Easter.


  • Love the Lord Jesus;

  • Have a passion for worship and a vibrant prayer life;

  • Must be able to follow leadership;

  • Must be dependable, committed, and pleasant to work with;

  • Be familiar with and supportive of all worship styles, and be acquainted with a wide body of gospel music literature;

  • Must have patience, and recognize that the condition of this particular ministry will take time, effort, and prayer to grow to a healthy state;

  • Possess a vision for worship and the ability to express that vision; and

  • Demonstrate leadership and proficiency in the music ministry.

Orthodox Zion’s Commitments to Minister of Music:

  • To provide a place of spiritual growth and nourishment for the M of M and his/her family;

  • To compensate the M of M what both parties agree upon, and to be honest, fair, and consistent as it relates to pay; 

  • To support the M of M in leadership decisions and provide him/her with space and trust to lead the music ministry in the direction that the Lord leads him/her, in alignment with the vision of Orthodox Zion;

  • To challenge and provide opportunities for the M of M to utilize all of his/her gifts Orthodox Zion, even if those gifts stretch beyond the ministry of music;

  • To evaluate, analyze and critique the music ministry in a way that is constructive, loving, and nurturing;

  • To treat the M of M in the same manner that he would desire to be treated;

  • To correct the M of M if needed with love, respect and courtesy;

  • To operate in the best interest of the Church; 

  • To communicate goals, expectations, and projects directly to the Minister of Music;

  • To have an open-door policy;

  • To do everything we can to help the M of M succeed;

  • To make M of M aware of changes in leadership, policy or procedure;

  • To inform and educate the leadership and laity of the responsibilities and authority of the M of M;

  • To avoid setting unrealistic or unattainable expectations for the M of M and/or music ministry;

  • To have patience, especially in the developmental stages of the music ministry; and

  • To pray for the M of M consistently and fervently.

Sunday Morning Specifics: 

  1. Orthodox Zion’s current worship service is at 9 am. The M of M should be present at Church at least 30 minutes prior to worship beginning. He or she should arrange a sound check with the media ministry each Sunday to ensure that microphones are in proper place and set to proper volume conducive to Worship Service, before music is played. 

  2. Ensure that 3 minutes before each worship service, soft music is being played and choir has entered the sanctuary. 

  3. Worship should begin on time each Sunday. The Minister of Music being habitually late will not be tolerated, and disciplinary action will be taken. 

Vacation Time:

A request for a vacation day will be submitted to the Pastor at least one month in advance in writing, unless there are special circumstances. The Minister of Music will also be given one sick week annually that is paid as well as one-week vacation. So, the Minister of Music can divide those two Sundays however they choose over one calendar year.  If for some reason the Minister of Music must be away for longer than that period of time allotted per year, he/she will not be compensated. If those vacation days are not utilized, they may not be used in the following year. Special circumstances will be handled case by case.

Conference/Workshops: The Minister of Music will attend an annual conferences/workshops with expenses paid by the Church as money allows. The Minister of Music will need to provide the time, date, and conference information three months prior to the workshop/conference.  Also he/she will provide the Pastor with a presentation of what was learned from the conference upon returning. 


If God wills for our journey to end, we ask that the Minister of Music would provide Orthodox Zion with as much notice as possible but no less than two weeks’ notice if he/she is resigning. If Orthodox Zion dismisses the M of M, they will be provided one additional paycheck which will be mailed within a week following the termination.